We’re collecting a range of 0-60 acceleration times for every BMW model. Since listing every year combined with every trim would be unwieldy, we’ve limited the listing to chassis instead of year (for example, if we’ve already listed the speed for a 2004 530i, we won’t list the speed for a 2005 530i unless there was a significant change in the car design). We have strived to provide accurate numbers, but there may be some inconsistencies. Please let us know if you have more accurate information!

3 Series


Model0-60 (in seconds)
1985 BMW 318i11.2
1985 BMW 320i9.6
1985 BMW 325i7.8
1986 BMW M36.3
1988 BMW 325is7.4
1994 BMW 325is7.1


Model0-60 (in seconds)
1992 BMW 318i9.6
1992 BMW 325i8.0
1996 BMW 328i6.7
1992 BMW M3 Coupe5.7
1997 BMW M3 Sedan5.4

E90 & E92

Model0-60 (in seconds)
2004 BMW 325i7.2
2004 BMW 330i5.8
2006 BMW 335i5.4
2006 BMW 325i6.1
2007 BMW 328i6.0
2007 BMW M34.3
2012 BMW 328i5.5
2012 BMW 335i4.7
2012 BMW M34.2

5 Series


Model0-60 (in seconds)
2004 BMW 525i7.8
2004 BMW 530i6.6
2004 BMW 545i5.2
2004 BMW M53.9